Remote Office

Remote Office

Bi-Weekly show about The Story Behind Coworking and The Future of Work

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    Meet Tyra Pirbhai, People Ops Manager at Meet Edgar

    [01.30] Tyra Background Before Joining Edgar [03.23]The Hiring Process Inside Meet Edgar [04.49] Employee Evaluation [06.52] Company Retreat/Bonding Team Session [07.26] Evergreen Content Features of Meet Edgar [08.29] Measuring Productivity within the Employee [11.02] The Company Transparency [12.24] The Characteristic of New Hired that Meet Edgar Looking For [13.55] Employee Churn Rate [15.51] The Vision of Meet Edgar in Five until Ten Years

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    Meet Jeff Laflamme, Founder of NomadVisa and AngkorHub

    [01.28] From Being Expat, Transition to Digital Nomad and End Up Creating Learning Hub at Cambodia [06.04] The Beginning of AngkorHub [11.03] Registering Coworking Space in Cambodia [12.54] Inside Social Innovation Center at AngkorHub [19.00] Taxation and Visa for Location-Independent [22.46] E-Resident of Estonia [25.59] AngkorHub Mission Growing Coliving Community and Learning Center

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    Meet Chloe Oddleifson, Head of People Operations at Dribbble

    [01.45] Dribbble Platform [03.49] Daily collaboration and communication between the team [05.12] Onboarding Session for New Hired [07.46] Productivity Metrics [09.16] Hiring Process [10.49] The Type of Remote Worker that Dribbble Looking For [12.19] Payroll System [13.14] Vision of Dribbble in Five until Ten years

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    Meet Liam Martin, Co-founder of TimeDoctor and Board Advisor of Running Remote Conference

    [00.59] Liam's Background [01.50] Recommended TimeDoctor Feature - Tracking CRM [03.34] Working Remotely [04.53] Running Remote Conference [06.38] Hiring Process Inside TimeDoctor [10.50] Wrong Decision When Hiring [13.40] Scaling Strategy [16.47] Bot as Customer Support Replacement [19.48] Collaborating While Working Remotely [21.40] TimeDoctor Vision in Five or 10 Years

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    Meet Ronald Van Den Hoff, Founder of Society 3.0 and CDEF Holding

    [00.50] Ronald Background and The Idea behind Society 3.0 [02.32] Cada Dia Es Una Fiesta [04.01] Seats2Meet Coworking Center Paid by Social Capital [06.12] Strategy to get more partner in Seats2Meet Coworking Center [07.31] Partnership Model [08.34] Screening Requirement for Coworking Partner [09.42] Serendipity Machine System Open To Public [10.17] Vision of Society 3.0 in Five or Ten Years

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    Meet Melissa Marsh, Founder and Executive Director of Plastarc

    [01.02] Plastarc Landscape [03.18] Research Phase of User Experience in Workplace Environment [05.52] Technology At Workplace [07.50] The Future of Work: Designing Workspace [10.22] Workspace Event Programming [12.52] Workspace Amenities Impact on Employee Experience [17.23] Workspace As a Social Network [19.58] Vision of Plastarc in 5 or 10 years

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    Meet Dan Swan, Founder and CEO of StartInno Ventures Byron Bay

    [00.36] Dan's Journey [02.20] Inspiration to open StartInno [03.23] StartInno Community [04.50] Programming Event and Workshop in StartInno [06.22] Startup Academy [08.28] Marketing Strategy [09.41] Vision of StartInno in 5 - 10 years

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