The Show is about the Future. The Story Behind How Technology Could Shaping Our Lives Easier.

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    Meet Dan Taylor, CEO Apps Events and EventsFrame

    [01.29] Selling Course Director and the beginning of Apps Events [03.34] Organising Google Education Summits For Teachers First Time in Europe [05.07] EventsFrame Education and Teaching Content [06.22] Google Education Certified Bootcamp and Summit [07.00] EventsFrame is Simple Organised System for Your Next Event [09.00] Personalised Education At EventsFrame [10.45] Dan Vision for Apps Events and EventsFrame [12.15] Managing Remote Team [13.15] Bonding Remote Team Together

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    Meet Sondre Rasch, CEO of Safety Wing

    [01.48] A Global Health Product For Digital Nomad [02.40] Insurance Systems are a Big Part of the Governments Function [04.10] Safety Wing Insurance Package [06.35] Claim Process Safety Wing [07.57] Build Globally Distributed Insurance Product with Tokyo Marine [09.24] A Simple, Global and Community is the Future of Insurance [13.02] The First Country on the Internet [14.24] A Simple Global Bank For Freelancers [17.23] Advice for People Who Want to Join Y Combinator

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    Meet Juan Salas, Founder of Celerative and La Plata Hub

    [01.05] Juan Salas Story Before Come Up with Celerative [02.11] La Plata Ventures [07.30] Startups who join La Plata could get helps from Celerative [09.30] Celerative Clients [11.25] Celerative Projects - Bringing VR into Cinema and Conversational Commerce as a Service [14.20] Merging Machine Learning and Biometrics Data into UX Research [20.14] The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning [20.17] Helping Celerative Clients Solving Their Problem by Utilising Technology

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    Meet Stuart Jones, Founder of Freedom X Fest and Coworkation

    [00.48] Stuart Jones Story and Come Up with Freedom X Fest [04.22] Coworkation vision and mission [07.22] Freedom X Fest mission [10.58] Freedom X Fest is work and play movement event[14.32] The Future of Coworking from location independent perspective [18.40] Freedom X Fest continue to make make impact which uniting location independent movement

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    Meet Phil Sylvester, Head of PR and Media Communication World Nomads

    [01.03] Phil Sylvester Background and World Nomads Intro [02.42] World Nomads Affiliate Partner [06.42] World Nomads is a community of like-minded travellers [08.48] World Nomads Insurance Policy [16.22] Insurance Claim [18.35] Future of Travel [19.50] World nomads is the world’s most loved adventure travel brand

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    Meet Harish Venkatesan, CEO of Designlab

    [01.00] Designlab beginning [03.30] 1-on-1 Collaboration within mentor and student [06.18] Career services after student finished design course [08.13] Job placement on Designlab [09.35] Success rate people that finished the course and people get hired [11.22] The Next Generation of Education [13.30] Globalizing Design Courses

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    Meet Karoli Hindriks, CEO of Jobbatical

    [01.00] How Karoli background trigging her to create Jobbatical [06.42] Jobbatical initiative to change the world [10.02] Digital Nomad Visa [15.38] Succès rate hiring candidates [17.48] The World Without Borders X Jobbatical Passport

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    Meet Robbie Robertson, Head of Experience Design in Deloitte Australia

    [01.48] Robbie Robertson Background and Deloitte Workplace [03.18] Human Centered Design [05.08] Insight Prototyping Series [07.10] The Future of Digital Commerce is Omni-Channel [09.12] Success Rate of the Omni-channel Strategy [11.12] Diversity inside Deloitte Workplace [13.38] The Vision of Five Year Plan Deloitte

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    Meet Robert Williams, Founder of Let's Workshop and Folyo

    [01.48] How Robert Invented Best Lead Freelancing And Sending Out to Your Inbox [04.30] Freelancing is The Future Of Work [06.05] Folyo [09.04] The Core Strength of Let’s and Folyo [10.46] Differentiation between Let’ and Folyo [11.46] Successful Percentage of Getting Client from Let’s and Floyo [14.07] Advise for Freelancing Beginner [16.29] The Vision of Five Year Plan Let’s and Folyo

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    Meet Peldi Guilizzoni, CEO at Balsamiq

    [00.57] Behind the Scene of Balsamiq [02.06] Balsamiq Progress [02.51] Balsamiq As a Remote Company [04.38] The Recruiting and Onboarding Process at Balsamiq [05.39] Balsamiq Core Feature [06.49] Inbound Sales Team [08.00] Measuring Employee Productivity [09.15] Daily Communication Within Balsamiq Team [10.10] Retreat Team Bonding [11.08] New Hired Characteristic Balsamiq Looking For [13.20] Payroll and Taxes [14.32] The Five year plan vision of Balsamiq

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    Meet Tyra Pirbhai, People Ops Manager at Meet Edgar

    [01.30] Tyra Background Before Joining Edgar [03.23]The Hiring Process Inside Meet Edgar [04.49] Employee Evaluation [06.52] Company Retreat/Bonding Team Session [07.26] Evergreen Content Features of Meet Edgar [08.29] Measuring Productivity within the Employee [11.02] The Company Transparency [12.24] The Characteristic of New Hired that Meet Edgar Looking For [13.55] Employee Churn Rate [15.51] The Vision of Meet Edgar in Five until Ten Years

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    Meet Jeff Laflamme, Founder of NomadVisa and AngkorHub

    [01.32] From Being Expat, Transition to Digital Nomad and End Up Creating Learning Hub at Cambodia [06.08] The Beginning of AngkorHub [11.04] Registering Coworking Space in Cambodia [12.58] Inside Social Innovation Center at AngkorHub [19.04] Taxation and Visa for Location-Independent [22.50] E-Resident of Estonia [26.04] AngkorHub Mission Growing Coliving Community and Learning Center

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    Meet Chloe Oddleifson, Head of People Operations at Dribbble

    [01.45] Dribbble Platform [03.49] Daily collaboration and communication between the team [05.12] Onboarding Session for New Hired [07.46] Productivity Metrics [09.16] Hiring Process [10.49] The Type of Remote Worker that Dribbble Looking For [12.19] Payroll System [13.14] Vision of Dribbble in Five until Ten years

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    Meet Liam Martin, Co-founder of TimeDoctor and Board Advisor of Running Remote Conference

    [00.59] Liam's Background [01.50] Recommended TimeDoctor Feature - Tracking CRM [03.34] Working Remotely [04.53] Running Remote Conference [06.38] Hiring Process Inside TimeDoctor [10.50] Wrong Decision When Hiring [13.40] Scaling Strategy [16.47] Bot as Customer Support Replacement [19.48] Collaborating While Working Remotely [21.40] TimeDoctor Vision in Five or 10 Years

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    Meet Ronald Van Den Hoff, Founder of Society 3.0 and CDEF Holding

    [00.50] Ronald Background and The Idea behind Society 3.0 [02.32] Cada Dia Es Una Fiesta [04.01] Seats2Meet Coworking Center Paid by Social Capital [06.12] Strategy to get more partner in Seats2Meet Coworking Center [07.31] Partnership Model [08.34] Screening Requirement for Coworking Partner [09.42] Serendipity Machine System Open To Public [10.17] Vision of Society 3.0 in Five or Ten Years

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    Meet Melissa Marsh, Founder and Executive Director of Plastarc

    [01.02] Plastarc Landscape [03.18] Research Phase of User Experience in Workplace Environment [05.52] Technology At Workplace [07.50] The Future of Work: Designing Workspace [10.22] Workspace Event Programming [12.52] Workspace Amenities Impact on Employee Experience [17.23] Workspace As a Social Network [19.58] Vision of Plastarc in 5 or 10 years

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    Meet Dan Swan, Founder and CEO of StartInno Ventures Byron Bay

    [00.36] Dan's Journey [02.20] Inspiration to open StartInno [03.23] StartInno Community [04.50] Programming Event and Workshop in StartInno [06.22] Startup Academy [08.28] Marketing Strategy [09.41] Vision of StartInno in 5 - 10 years

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    Meet Emily Rose Antflick, Founder and CEO of Shecosystem

    [00.54] Emily's Background [03.20] Her Inspiration To Build Space With Feminine Value [06.10] Energy Exchange [10.00] Opening Circle [12.52] Women Entrepreneurship Toronto [14.29] Free 1 Week Trial [16.39] Vision of The Future of Shecosystem

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    Meet Sarah Lacroix, Community and Events Manager Energy Lab

    [00.54] Sarah Background and Energy Lab [02.42] The Biggest Challenge for Cleantech Entrepreneurs [03.47] The Designated of Energy Lab Hub [05.09] The Benefits For Energy Lab Member [05.52] Mentorship program from Energy Lab [06.42] Application for cleantech startup to Join Energy Lab [09.06] The Future Plan of Energy Lab

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    Meet Adam Salomone, Cofounder of The Food Loft Boston

    [00.54] Adam Salomone Background and The Idea Behind Food Loft [04.23] The Designated of The Food Loft [05.25] The Food Loft Community [06.55] Getting Investment in the Food Loft [08.36] The Food Loft Business Model [10.56] The Future Plan of The Food Loft

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    Rural Coworking in Australia with Tim and Rhonda, Cofounder of Cohoots

    [01.00] Tim and Rhonda Background. The Idea Behind Cohoots [04.36] The Demographic of Cohoots [06.30] Events and Workshop at Cohoots [12.00] The Definition of Coworking in Cohoots [15.00] The Inside Out Coworking and Innovation Coworking Book [18.45] The Future Plan of Cohoots

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    Meet Hugh Langis and Kassem Ahmed, Cofounder of Good Gorilla Toronto

    [01.06] Kassem and Hugh Background. The Idea behind Good Gorilla [04.35] The Majority Demographic of Good Gorilla Member [06.16] The process to be Good Gorilla Member [07.27] Mentorship in Good Gorilla [10.55] The Healthcare COHIP [11.55] Coworking Space Landscape in Toronto [13.53] Funding [17.24] The Meaning of the Station Name [21.18] The Future of Good Gorilla

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    Inside Game Collaborative Workspace with Aleksander Helgessen, Project Leader of Bergen Game Collective

    [00.45] Aleksander Helgessen and The Idea Behind Bergen Game Collective [04.05] The Name of Collective [06.23] Game Programming Language [07.32] Helping Member Got a Job as Game Developer or Funding For Their Own Game [10.00] Game Development Event in Europe [15.15] Bergen Game Collective Marketing Strategy [18.40] Coworking Space Landscape in Norway [20.20] Mentoring one-on-one session [22.51] Funding [25.03] Member of Bergen Game Collective [27.20] The Unique Selling Point of Bergen Game Collective

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    The Juicy Coworking Conference Series with Liz Elam, Executive Producer of GCUC and Curator for Link Coworking

    [01.55] Liz Elam Background, Link Coworking and LEXC [04.27] Liz Contribution to Open Work Agency and The Idea Behind GCUC [07.35] The Topic Inside the Event from Different Location [08.46] The Definition of Camp [10.11] The Definition of Coworky Awards [11.19] The Support from GCUC to others Coworking Operators [12.27] The Strategy to Get More People Coming to GCUC Event [13.49] The Unique Selling Point Of GCUC [14.37] The Future Plan of GCUC

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    Meet Rebecca Pan, Founder of Covo San Francisco - Coworking Spaces with AEC Amenities

    [00.59] Rebecca Pan Background and Covo [04.55] The Idea Behind Covo [08.32] The Typical Demographic Member of Covo [09.41] The Partnership with Good Design [11.33] An Experience Working a Day in Covo [13.36] The Strategy to Get More Members [17.04] The Unique Selling Point of Covo [18.08] The Future Plan of Covo

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    Meet Kyo Satani, Founder of Pax Coworking Tokyo

    [00.47] Kyo Satani Background [02.20] The Idea Behind Pax Coworking [07.45] Working As Partying Book [09.15] Event in Pax Coworking [11.06] Coworking In Japan [13.05] Typical Majority Demographic Member of Pax [13.25] The Future Plan of Pax Coworking

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    Experience an Epic Trans-Siberian Trip with Maria Sirotkina, Cofounder of NomadTrain

    [00.46] Maria Background, The Idea Behind NomadTrain and ReStation [03.28] Organizing the NomadTrain Program and Typical Day to Day [07.26] The Typical Demographic People Who Participated in NomadTrain [09.40] The Benefit and Challenge while Create NomadTrain than Coliving Space in One Location [12.00] The Funding [12.52] The Strategy To Get More Member [14.28] The Unique Selling Point of NomadTrain [15.40] The Future Plan of NomadTrain and ReStation

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    Experimenting Design Space with Nate Pinsley, Managing Director of ADO Brooklyn

    [01.13] Nate Pinsley Background and The Idea Behind ADO [03.36] The relationship between ADO, MINI and BMW [06.00] The Typical Program and Demographic Member [08.00] The Design Academy Program [10.05] Entrepreneur in Residence Program in ADO [11.00] An Experience a day in ADO [12.30] The Strategy To Get More Member [13.44] Funding [14.55] The Unique Selling Point of ADO [16.29] The Future of ADO

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    An Introduction of Collective with Julia Westfall, CEO of Hera Hub DC

    [00.55] Julia Westfall Background and The idea to build Hera Hub [06.20] The Hera Hub Incubator [07.39] The Typical Demographic Hera Hub Member [08.50] The Woman Entrepreneurship Landscape in the United States [12.00] The Hera Hub Licensing Model [13.25] Licensing Fee [14.12] Flexibility [15.06] The Architecture and the Interior [16.00] Consulting about Landlord [16.38] What If the Franchise fail [17.54] The Unique Selling Point of Hera Hub DC [20.33] The Future Plan of Hera Hub DC

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    Solution For Coworking Software with Warren Hersowitz, Sales Director of WUN Systems

    [00.47] Warren Hersowitz Background and The Idea Behind Wun System [03.15] What is features of Kube [07.20] Solution if WUN Systems Having Technical Error While Connecting Membership [09.38] The Workflow when member using WUN in their coworking spaces [13.09] The Impact of Coworking Movement With the Increasing Demand of WUN Systems [15.00] The Benefit of WUN Systems for Landlord [16.40] WUN System Connecting Coworking Space with The Landlord [17.40] The Typical Demographic of WUN Systems [20.10] The Difference Between White Label & Grey Label and The Reason Why WUN Systems Using White Label [22.00] The Unique Selling Point of WUN Systems [25.45] The Future Plan of WUN Systems

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    Exploring Medical Coworking Space with John Groberg, Founder of Viva MedSuites

    [00.49] John Groberg Background and the Idea behind Viva MedSuites [02.15] The Reason Why Choose to Medical Industry [04.29] Business Model [06.00] Typical Demographic Member of Viva MedSuites [09.45] Strategy to get more member [13.00] The Unique Selling Point of Viva MedSuites [14.00] The Future Plan of Viva MedSuites

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    Building Hospitality Workspace with Shlomo Silber - Founder and CEO of Bond Collective in New York City

    Shlomo Silber background, how he got the idea of building Bond Collective | Changing Branding into Bond Collective from Coworkers | The Impact of Growing Coworking Community into Bond Collective | Coworking Franchise | The Typical Demographic of Bond Collective Members | The Day to Day Operational | Strategy to Get New Member | The Marketing Strategy | The Unique Selling Points of Bond Collective | The Future Plan of Bond Collective

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    Learn How to Run Your Coworking Space With Ramon Suarez, the Author of The Coworking Handbook

    Ramon Suarez background | The Reason He Sold Betacowork Coworking Brussels | The Coworking Development in Belgium | The Experience While Wrote The Coworking Handbook | How to Launch Coworking Spaces | How to operate day to day | How to Grow Coworking Places | The Best Coworking Spaces Concept | The Marketing Strategy | Definition of The Future of Work

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    Meet Eduard Schaepman, Chief and Founder of Tribes in the Netherlands

    [01.00] Eduard Schaepman Background [02.53] The trend of Nomadic Life [04.15] Finding The Needs of Digital Nomad [05.36] Expanding and Building Branch of Tribes [06.31] The Reason Behind Five-star Coworking Concept and Many Services [07.55] The Uniqueness of Every Location Based on Tribe Culture [10.00] The Booklet of Nomadic Tribes and Donation [10.59] The Untouchable Tribes [13.47] The Coworking Development in the Netherlands [15.00] The Strategy To Get New Member [16.25] The Typical of Demographic Members [17.09] The Marketing Strategy [18.22] The Unique Selling Point of Tribes [19.58] The Future Plan of Tribes

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    Meet Paul Hemming, Founder of ECO-SYSTM - Coworking with Nightclub Facility in San Francisco

    [01.08] Paul Hemming Background and The Idea of EcoSystm [02.56] The Differences with Zen Compound [04.11] The Coworking Business Model [05.56] The Typical Demographic Members [06.54] Funding [07.24] The Workflow When People Join [08.22] Strategy To Get More Member [09.03] Expanding Plan [10.00] The Unique Selling Point of Eco-Systm [10.32] The Future Plan of Eco-Systm

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    Exploring Rural Coworking Retreat with Ivan Brkljac - The Project Leader of Mokrin House

    [00.45] Definition of Mokrin House [01.44] The Idea and inspiration of building Mokrin House [03.51] The Development and The Expansion Plan [05.27] The Location of Mokrin House [06.20] Typical Demographic of Mokrin House Member [07.57] Interaction with Local Community [09.56] Market Demand of Mokrin House [11.35] Marketing Strategy [14.00] The Unique Selling Point of Mokrin House [14.50] The future plan of Mokrin House

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    Meet Sabrina Chammas, founder of L'Atelier Coworking and The Focus Journal.

    [00.37] Idea to create L'Atelier Coworking [02.06] Having a Team or Sole Owner [03.49] Coworking development in Vancouver [05.19] Typically demographic members [06.40] The workflow when member coming to coworking spaces [08.05] Expanding Plan [09.06] Funding [11.00] Promoting the Kickstarter program [13.46] Marketing program to promote L'Atelier [15.37] Unique Selling Point of L'Atelier [17.34] The Future plan of L'Atelier

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    Global Coworking Landscape with JY Huwart, CEO of SocialWorkplaces - Organizer Coworking Europe, Africa and India conferences

    [00.55] Definition of Social Workplaces [04.06] Coworking Movement [11.13] Coworking development in Europe, America, Australia and Asia [20.20] Strategy when price of renting more higher [24.25] The best coworking business model [26.30] Step to build coworking spaces [30.00] The recommended features of coworking software [31.40] Social Workplaces value proposition [33.20] The future plan of Social Workplace

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    Meet Rural Coliving with Julianne Becker, CEO of Coconat Space

    [00.49] Julianne Background and The Idea Behind Coconat Space [07.51] The Unique Side of Rural Coworking [11.24] The Demographic of Coconat Member [13.34] The Unique Selling Point of Coconat [21.09] The Strategy to get the member [23.19] The Future Plan of Coconat

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    How to Manage Coworking Spaces with Ryan Chatterton - Founder of Coworking Insight

    [01.08] The way to approach government allowing virtual office feature for coworking space [03.32] A way to build online community [07.02] Advise for people who starting out in coworking business [08.58] The coworking business model used for many industry [12.47] The valuable feature of Habu for coworking operator [14.30] The Future Plan of Coworking Insight [16.46] The factor that could failed coworking

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